Thursday, June 23, 2011


To be in New York here today, Its a grate moment within good moments. Its hard to see it happening but its a dream ever sounded possible that I must see New York and London before my day. its real today and am glad to be here in this city.

What is more is exciting is the reason of my coming here to make speech about former child soldiers. Its going to be powerful evening today with the present of many high profile guest invited by Award International American Challenge and HRH Prince Edward will be present too. I am here as a guest speaker tonight, the KEY message has to reach the whole world that ex-child soldiers are still part of the future and everybody
must help to build them up. support their positive stories and not making them feeling sorry or victims. So honored to be part of it and am calling you to join us. Its a moment that we expect our issues known and delivered to the right desk. come one, come all and
Am glad to have your support please. More will come later and We expect us to be seen on the real issues that matters to the future of this world, not feeling sorry for victims but moving together for a positive world.

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  1. Congratulations on getting to New York. I wish I could be there, I'm certain you will be terrific.