Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Director with Jonathan

We started the cycling trip from the Boarder of Sudan heading down to Tanzania, we met many and many victims who shared their past with us across northern Uganda. Its agreat honor to have and host our Director Corrin Varrady in this trip, its agreat inspiration for our youth in Northern Uganda. it gives us sign of togetherness and comfort to overcome our horrible past. Jonathan our youth ambassador is in the front line of this journey with our Director as he tells his stories, meet thausands of returnees, give words of ecouragement as they focusses on the individual positive stories. The two of them will put of community is the world map by exposing stories that will lead into deeper understanding of what we went through for past 25 years and our desired destionations. They are climbing Mt. Kilimanjori now as part of the journey that will make a future Jonathan and the entire youth of Northern Uganda. This has made World Youth Education Trust present to be actively felt in the community and we the staff are supportive to each other.