Thursday, October 20, 2011


It a very special moment in my life and the History of our family today. It was very very hard in the middle of that war to imagine one would get to this level one day. I want to thank every body who has supported me in this process. I am sure of supporting many others behind me and proving to them Education is the only way to success. I hope this moment will inspire the young one to work hard and get themselves into University one day.

Big THANKS and Big blessings.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Director with Jonathan

We started the cycling trip from the Boarder of Sudan heading down to Tanzania, we met many and many victims who shared their past with us across northern Uganda. Its agreat honor to have and host our Director Corrin Varrady in this trip, its agreat inspiration for our youth in Northern Uganda. it gives us sign of togetherness and comfort to overcome our horrible past. Jonathan our youth ambassador is in the front line of this journey with our Director as he tells his stories, meet thausands of returnees, give words of ecouragement as they focusses on the individual positive stories. The two of them will put of community is the world map by exposing stories that will lead into deeper understanding of what we went through for past 25 years and our desired destionations. They are climbing Mt. Kilimanjori now as part of the journey that will make a future Jonathan and the entire youth of Northern Uganda. This has made World Youth Education Trust present to be actively felt in the community and we the staff are supportive to each other.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


To be in New York here today, Its a grate moment within good moments. Its hard to see it happening but its a dream ever sounded possible that I must see New York and London before my day. its real today and am glad to be here in this city.

What is more is exciting is the reason of my coming here to make speech about former child soldiers. Its going to be powerful evening today with the present of many high profile guest invited by Award International American Challenge and HRH Prince Edward will be present too. I am here as a guest speaker tonight, the KEY message has to reach the whole world that ex-child soldiers are still part of the future and everybody
must help to build them up. support their positive stories and not making them feeling sorry or victims. So honored to be part of it and am calling you to join us. Its a moment that we expect our issues known and delivered to the right desk. come one, come all and
Am glad to have your support please. More will come later and We expect us to be seen on the real issues that matters to the future of this world, not feeling sorry for victims but moving together for a positive world.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Its a grate honor to you all with a dream come true today, looking back it was never possible to see this happening in the middle of 2002 when northern was at the peak of LRA war. My parent are definitely in totally joy to see their first born of 15 children archiving Degree at age of 28 after the jungle. With big smile, respect and pride, I would like to thanks everybody who supported me through to make my studies possible. Am lucky one a among very many thousands of youth who never made this far and its now my obligation to break out the circle of school drop out in my local community together with your support. Its until today that I see my self with 100% hope for a better future and I think many are out there struggling to get here though its even getting tougher. Since 2002, I have attained the following qualifications:-

  1. Uganda Certificate of Education Ordinary Level.
  2. Certificate in Marketing and Business management.
  3. Diploma in Marketing and Business management.
  4. Computer Networking Associate.
  5. Bsc. Project Planing and Management.

Now am determine to study my Master Degree and PhD within the coming 10 years, not by miracle but for future leadership its a must do on my side much as I don't know how the fees will come or where I will study it!!

My father told me one time that " a brave man makes his own luck" and that is what am up to in life. It gives me much hope to know that you are supporting me.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

London March 2011

I had the honour to be invited to Britain for events of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, culminating in a Gala Dinner in March. You can read their report here.

In part, that report reads:

The Africa Region of the Award was highlighted by two guest speakers from the World Youth Education Trust (WYET) who are running the Award Programme for formerly abducted child soldiers in Uganda.
WYET currently cares for more than 50 formerly abducted child soldiers in the Ugandan region of Lira and Adwari. The Trust provides food, shelter, counselling and education for disadvantaged children and is working with them to build confidence and self esteem. WYET is working with the Source of the Nile Award (the Award Programme in Uganda) to use the Programme to rehabilitate young people in Uganda especially those who are former child soldiers.
Fred Obala (pictured second from left), who was abducted himself, shared his experience with guests and explained how the Award Programme is helping to rehabilitate young people, especially former child soldiers who have returned to their communities. Fred is the National Ugandan Project Leader for WYET and Source of the Nile Award Team Leader. He says the Award is helping young people to rediscover their potential. “The Award gives us practical skills and experiences in our own country and our own villages to show others that we have more to us than just our past or our history.” Founder of WYET, Corrin Varady spoke about the Trust’s collaboration with the Award Programme and how valuable it is to rebuilding young people’s lives. “In the very remote areas that we work, the people cannot be blamed for feeling that the world has forgotten about them. However, it is evenings such as tonight that send a message that this is not the case.”
I was greatly  honoured to meet with Their Royal Highnesses the Earl and Countess of Wessex, Prince Edward and Countess Sophie.