Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Its a grate honor to you all with a dream come true today, looking back it was never possible to see this happening in the middle of 2002 when northern was at the peak of LRA war. My parent are definitely in totally joy to see their first born of 15 children archiving Degree at age of 28 after the jungle. With big smile, respect and pride, I would like to thanks everybody who supported me through to make my studies possible. Am lucky one a among very many thousands of youth who never made this far and its now my obligation to break out the circle of school drop out in my local community together with your support. Its until today that I see my self with 100% hope for a better future and I think many are out there struggling to get here though its even getting tougher. Since 2002, I have attained the following qualifications:-

  1. Uganda Certificate of Education Ordinary Level.
  2. Certificate in Marketing and Business management.
  3. Diploma in Marketing and Business management.
  4. Computer Networking Associate.
  5. Bsc. Project Planing and Management.

Now am determine to study my Master Degree and PhD within the coming 10 years, not by miracle but for future leadership its a must do on my side much as I don't know how the fees will come or where I will study it!!

My father told me one time that " a brave man makes his own luck" and that is what am up to in life. It gives me much hope to know that you are supporting me.

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